Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Wow...Is it the end of another Year?!!!

I can't believe it's the end of the year already!!! WOW!!! 

Well, I thought I would end my year on a project I am working on....(still working on)
Debbie from A Quilter's Table had a Improv Stripe QAL on Instagram a while ago on improve stripes. I thought "Yes!" I totally want to give that a try and played along.

You can find her instructions for the Improv Stripe QAL on her blog HERE

So, here are my beginning stripe sets.

I of course was pulling from my stash of strips and adding solid strips in between.

...and as you can see once I got going I found it really hard to stop. 
Now I believe this is where the large group on Instagram started putting their strip sets together into really cool stripe improve quilts. 

But....I was NOT liking the idea of putting all this together this way. It needed more somehow.?? So, I set out to cut all this up ....ha!!!

....And I ended up here....well...it still needed more....

I started adding solids again and just made units... and put them up on the wall.

Then when the units were big enough to fit together...I added solid strips again. 

Then before I knew what I was doing I grabbed some solid strips and made an improve word....that fit the quilt. "HAPPY" which also happens to be my favorite word.

And this is going in the quilt ....not sure where? But it is going in....

....and sadly that is all I have to show you....Ha...but, my next post will be the finished top.

I pinkie swear!!!!

(LOL...wow I needed a pedicure!!!)

Hoping you all had a wonderful Blessed Christmas!!!

And HAPPY New Year!!!!!!

2018 Here we come!!!!!!

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