Monday, March 5, 2018

Quiltcon 2018

Hello Blog Land! How is everyone? Hope ya'll are all doing well. I am back from my day trip to the other side of the country. And I have to tell ya my mind is still blown away!!!!! I still have to pinch myself!!! lol!!!. So, The jest of this story is I fly to Arizona to pop in on my son and his fiance and rented a car and drove to Pasadena, California. Where Quiltcon 2018 was being held. (Did I tell ya that I got a quilt to hang in the show?? Yes! I believe I mentioned it in the bottom of my last post.) I had no idea what to expect...actually NOTHING really! I was just going to take my 2 half day classes 1 lecture and see my quilt hanging with ALL the amazing quilts. THAT'S it!!! Nothing else.

WELL bless my honey pots!!! THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED!!!!
                                                        5am driving to California
This became my "Hello Quiltcon" picture for Instagram. So those who were trying to find me knew what I looked like.
Super early Thursday morning was the Awards ceremony. Which I had asked for a pass to when I registered. They were free until the seats run out. And since I had NEVER been to one...I thought why not. It could be fun. Little did I know that I was going to get an email 8 days before I left my house ...."If you are coming to the Awards Ceremony Ms. Kaye we would like for you to sit on the front row .... THAT IS WHERE ALL OF OUR RIBBON WINNERS SIT!!!!!!!!


Yeah!! You can image the hysterics ensued after that email!!! Holy Freaking COW!!! A ribbon?!!!

So, I'm sitting on the front row waiting for my category. When it finally comes up ...I am beyond excited!!! As each name is called I get even more excited...Thinking I just pulled 2nd, nope I just pulled 1st place!!!! And then They called someone else for 1st place.! Wait!!! What just happened?!!!....and then they went on to another category. That's it done over. I have to tell ya it was all I could do to keep the tears from falling. It was a mistakes, the email wasn't meant for me. I've never been to an awards ceremony. And I've only been to this show I didn't know what was going on. All I wanted to do was crawl away quickly as possible. Without anyone seeing me!!! But THEY stuck me ON THE FRONT ROW!!!! Once all the awards were passed out the President pauses and says...

"Well, shall we move on to the BIG ribbons now?"  Wait... What? What's a Big ribbon? there is more??? and low and behold there are 4 big ribbons!! 

Best of Show
Best Machine Quilted (with frame)
Best Machine Quilted (frameless)
Equilter Quilting Excellence

These 4 ribbons are the BEST over ALL the quilts in the show. And they are set aside from their categories and placed up front for all to see. 

...and of course Best of Show is the top ribbon of all.

My quilt pulled the 3rd big ribbon listed above... 
EEEEKKKK!!!!!!! I'm still speechless!!!!!!! Biggest ribbon I have EVER pulled in my life!!!!
This ribbon is so pretty!!! 

Ta-Da!!! "Happy Dance" 600) 1 1/2" pluses 

                As you can see I did some really tight organic quilting all over the quilt.

I have a sit-down Martelli. No stitch regulator, No frame, Just Me and Bertha and a lot of music and some strong arms. 
The back.

Here are the 4 Quilts in the front of the show. It took ALL day for me to get a good picture of them without people in the way.

Since I travel on a knee scooter when it comes to long walking. By the end of the 4 days I was at the show I found myself sitting on the floor holding up a wall towards the front of the show. I was completely exhausted!! It was fun watching people walk around my quilt and the others. I took this panoramic shot.
So, let me tell you the story of how this quilt was made. This is Marla and she was my MQG mini swap partner last year in Savannah Quiltcon 2017. I made the mini for her that I am holding. Look familiar? It should... lol!!! I made 48 pluses for her mini quilt. My first modern quilt EVER. Marla loved it. And so did my husband...I had to make another one just like it when I got home for him. It hangs here at home on my mini wall.

But I enjoyed making these pluses so much....I just kept making them!!! 

9 months later I had over 600 pluses.... 1 month after that I had the top behind me...and a month after that I quilted the top...which left me 2 days to fill out the Quiltcon entry form for the Quiltcon 2018 deadline. 
Super excited that I made the deadline!!!!

WOWWWWWW!!!!! There are simply no words!!! It took a day of stumbling over my words at the show....LOL!!! I had so many people congratulating me. It was quite simply the most wonderful Quilty experience of my life. HA-HA....kinda funny that the name of my quilt fits the situation...

"Happy Dance" can bet your sweet honey pots I did a little of that!!!

I had buttons made again this year. I debated with myself if I should put my quilt entry on them or not? Now I am very GLAD I did!
Before I scooted out of the show on my last day... I made sure to take my own selfie with my quilt and ribbon. Cause who knows this could have been beginner's luck or something. 
Yep...shameless selfie....hahaha!!! But I have it on record and that's all I wanted :0)

One last photo to leave you with. 

The Aurifil Booth had this quilt in their booth. It was made by Renee Hoffman .... She calls it "Wings Alight Quilt" I was wearing the perfect sweater that day. :0)

Thanks for stopping by...I will have another post on ALL the AMAZING quilts that I LIKED for you coming up soon. 



Deborah W said...

How wonderful - even if you did have a few heart stopping moments :) It is a beautiful quilt, Sandra - very well done! x

quiltingmimi said...

Congratulations! So many highs and lows--glad it ended on a high. Love your quilt.

nancy said...

A late congratulations on your quilt win. I was a quilter in my younger days. Not able to quilt now but I taught quilt lessons for about 18 yrs and loved it. Now I am doing Junk journals and everything else I can think of. Love to paint and thanks for pinning me. Take care and I am very happy for your win. Hugs.

Linda in Calif. said...

I'm reading this way after you posted it. I'm so happy for you - and yes great, fantastic quilting. Beautiful quilt too. You deserve it. Congrats!

RO said...

This is so beautiful. I am going to sit right down and make some plusses

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