Happy Art Swap Bookbinding Tutorial

  Happy Art Swap Book

                This tutorial was put together for Happy Art Swappers, or anyone who has collected art cards from swaps they have played in.... This book will hold 24 art cards measuring 5x7 inches. The binding method I used for this book allows for you to save the artwork in its entirety...without damaging any of the art, and see the signatures on the back of each card.  These books are super easy to make ...and lots of fun as well. This tutorial has detailed pictures.... and step by step instructions. It is very easy to change the size of the books based on the size of cards you have collected. Having several of these books bursting with wonderful art you have collected from around the world...will be a treasure for sure.

This tutorial is $5.00 and will be sent to you as a PDF file and will be delivered to you within 24 hours of purchase.   Enjoy!!!

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